Modern Color Changing Glass Blown Bongs.

Today’s bongs are made using Pyrex and borosilicate glass, creating a heat-resistant and stronger glass. Special cooling ovens are used to slow the cooling, which gives the glass-blown bong more durability.

glass-blown-bong1The amazing color changing you see in glass-blown bongs are created by fuming silver or gold into the glass and long term use. Light conditions affect the glass blowing process, causing dark to turn blue and light to turn yellow. As you use your bong, it gets dirty which causes reflection giving your bongs its individual, beautiful appearance.

>Every glass-blown bong is 100% original. Skilled glass blowers make different thicknesses, colors, sizes, decorations, and shapes. Custom glass-blown bongs can be ordered to include designs you prefer, such as added carb holes, different sized glass sliders, ice chilling chambers. A really cool new feature is the ability to add custom writing or symbols to your bong. This type of precise glass-blown work definitely requires a true glass-blowing artist.
glass-pipes-glassInteresting Fact.

Though hand-blowing glass such as bongs is an art form today, science is advancing. Scientific glassblowers provide special glass pieces for different aspects of scientific research. Modern lasers and ultrasonic mills still can’t properly shape glass into the forms scientists need.